For the cost of one hour of counseling, MindArmor® Training Tools provides a confidential training program that delivers powerful resources teaching men HOW to master their thoughts and overcome the destructive effects of lust and pornography.

How MindArmor™ Training Tools Works

How MindArmor® Training Tools Works

Master Your Thoughts and Behaviors Confidentially

Based on 30 years of research and experience in applied theology, human design engineering and neuroscience, the MindArmor® video and exercises teach you how to master your thoughts and behaviors – confidentially, in the privacy of your home – for good! You will begin Cooperating With God For a Change®.

Seeking to answer questions regarding why Christian men consume pornography has some value. However, the why can easily become an excuse for the behavior we do. Knowing why most often does not result in transformation. Knowing how you are being led and controlled by your thoughts and emotions is the first step toward victory over lust and pornography.

MindArmor® Training Tools teaches you to work with how you were designed – with desires, thoughts and emotions God wired into each of us for good. We call this Human Design Engineering. This, combined with the application of God’s Word and Applied Theology, gives you the ability to lead your thoughts creating Internal Leadership. You will learn how to take thoughts captive and destroy the stronghold of lust and pornography.

Our Approach

For over 20 years, we have formulated proprietary processes, methods and tools, which fundamentally alter the chemistry of the brain (neurochemistry). The results have been copyrighted, tested and proven to be successful in one-on-one and group environments.

MindArmor® Training Tools was formed to take these unique and proven concepts, turn them into multimedia products and make them available on the Internet. The creator of MindArmor® Training Tools, Dr. Al Larson, will lead you through the course, which combines principles from scripture, human design engineering and neuroscience, teaching you how to break destructive thought patterns. Exercises will equip you to defend and attack against the pull of lust and pornography and guard your heart and mind.

Why What You Believe Is So Important

What you believe determines how you live your life. God’s Word says that if we are double-minded, which means two conflicting beliefs at war with each other, we will be unstable (James 1). You are reading this because you currently have a fleshly part that pulls you toward the darkness of lust and pornography and, as a believer, a part that desires you to remain in God’s light, free of lust and pornography. MindArmor® Training Tools will teach you how to remain single-minded and free of lust and pornography.  

Consequences of Being Double-Minded

It is absolutely essential that you end this war and not succumb to the pull of lust and pornography! The darkness of lust and pornography has many deteriorating, detrimental effects: judgment, shame, condemnation, broken relationships, financial ruin, loss of employment, spiritual poverty and even incarceration. The exploitation of women, children, and men compounds the epidemic. We believe that the acceptability and proliferation of lust and pornography in the United States today is turning into a pandemic and one of the main factors causing a breakdown in our society.

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  • 70% of Christian men admit to struggling with pornography in their daily lives.
  • 66% of companies have disciplined employees for misusing the Internet at work, and pornography topped the list of abuses.
  • 47% of families said pornography is a problem in their home.
  • 55% of pastors admitted to participating in online pornography.

Rather than judgment, Christian men need understanding and an effective, discrete, skill-based resource for breaking free from destructive thoughts and behaviors. You need the power of the Holy Spirit, determination and new skills before lust and pornography have a devastating effect on your relationships, your job and your self-worth as a child of God.

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