MindArmor® Training Tools gives men confidential access to practical tools to wage war on lust and pornography


    Destroy the Pull is a confidential, biblically based training program.


    Watch the testimonials of men who have used MindArmor® Training Tools.

For the cost of one hour of counseling, MindArmor® Training Tools provides a confidential training program that delivers powerful resources teaching men HOW to master their thoughts and overcome the destructive effects of lust and pornography.


"The issue of pornography is intimidating and overwhelming. As a pastor,
I have felt the shame and let fear keep me from getting the help I needed. In my life and church, MindArmor® Training Tools has given us the ability to overcome the psychological, physical and spiritual grip of pornography. Through MindArmor® Training Tools, I found a powerful combination of confidential biblical tools that have made a difference in my marriage, family and my church."

Senior Pastor

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Skill-Based Tools That Equip You to Destroy the Pull of Lust and Pornography

Using principles from scripture and how God designed you to operate, MindArmor® Training Tools teaches you how to break destructive thought patterns associated with lust and pornography through an online training course. Your subscription is active for one year. This isn’t psychotherapy or a filtering program. MindArmor® Training Tools produces proven behavioral changes.

Men, are you tired of being a slave to the flesh?

You're not alone. Did you know that 70% of Christian men struggle with pornography? We know these thoughts and behaviors are contradictory to the mind of Christ, and they're destructive to your relationship with God and others.

MindArmor® Training Tools combines principles from scripture, human design engineering and neuroscience to teach you how to break destructive thought patterns. By participating in the private, confidential, video lessons and practicing the principles taught, you will be equipped with skills to attack and defend against the pull of lust and pornography. This unique training program will equip you to guard your heart and mind. You will win the battles and the war.

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  • MindArmor® Training Tools is an effective, discrete, skill-based resource for breaking free from destructive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Power of the Holy Spirit, determination and new skills are needed to win the battles and the war.
  • Act now before lust and pornography affect your relationships, your job and your self-worth as a child of God.

Other programs may teach you why God wants you free... MindArmor® Training Tools teaches you how to get free and stay free.

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